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Samsung Galaxy S 4G i9500 Charging Solution

How to improve mobile phone Samsung i9500 Galaxy S 4G Charging Solution, in this post I will discuss about the issues on the Samsung Galaxy S4 charging, the problems we often encounter the phone one charging problem, I will give you some steps to solve the problems on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G i9500 Charging Problem.

To ensure that does damage to the phone, charger to try some more to make sure there is damage to the phone, not because the charger is damaged, if it has been ascertained charger in good condition, try the following steps.

The first step checks charger connector, if in good condition, broken, water damage and others, if the charger is faulty try changing the plugin with a good charger connector.

The second step checks charging ways as shown below, check out one of the carefully whether there is a path-breaking due to corrosion or water damage, if there is a path-breaking, try to do the jumper in accordance with the path-breaking.

The third step ic rehot or replace as shown below if the two steps above to no avail, for the third step, do it carefully so as not to aggravate the damage to your phone.


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